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Point Carbon Decommission

Point Carbon Decommission



Point Carbon Polopoly Entitlement


-        Analyze and cleanse the current R&F Point Carbon client trading analytics product entitlements – to gain an understanding of why each client has an active entitlement

-        Review all trading analytic permissions and split into:

o   Clients who have accessed the product in the last 2 months (Oct/Nov -2013)

§  Identify who has an Eikon account, the variant and the job role

o   Clients who have not accessed the product in the last 2 months

-        Liaise with Account Managers, Market Specialists and Product Managers to create detailed roadmap for the R&F Point Carbon legacy product entitlement migrations

o   Assumptions the product management team will:

§  Deliver a pearl version of the trading analytics products in Eikon over Q1

§  Deliver a mobile solution that deals with the most heavily used Point Carbon content sets in the mobile context in Q1

§  Deliver a solution that gives people access to all chart/table datasets via the download manager function in Excel in Q1

§  Deliver, with the three big things listed above, all that is needed to remove the major regressions for clients in the transition to Eikon.


o   Assumed target depermissioning dates:

§  01-JAN-14 - Remove all client access for clients who have not migrated to Eikon

§  29-MAR-13 – Upon delivery of the outstanding Eikon functionality deficiencies

o   Understand migration s/sheet and ensure the information relates to the master s/sheet of entitled clients

-        Manage and administer the implementation of the entitlement migrations

o   Learn the Polopoly entitlement process

o   Manage the requests from sales

o   Implement a process that fits in with the issues raised in the PC support model project

-        Are there any zero priced PC trading analytics PLIs being used (report from TRUST or Customer Admin – maybe David Tornamble can help to pull this?)

o   Manage any actions around this


Point Carbon Support Model

Point Carbon support model to integrate product into Eikon product



Point Carbon support Model


-        Understand the current process and the issues and concerns

-         Liaise with the Carbon, Gas and Power Team to understand the process as they understand it and the issues they have

-        Gain an understanding of the support model as a whole

-        Determine what comms are required and how they should be distributed and to what teams


-        Create a proposal for addressing the issues


-        Roll out new process (if time permits)



RFCM Knowledge Base

Commodities Research and Forecast Communication Model proposal



All Commodities specialists have an Research & Forecasts (R&F) buddy as their single point of contact in Commodities Research & Forecasts (CR&F)



We would like everyone in the sales team who is commodities focused, i.e. Account Managers (AM), Sales Specialists (SS), Client Specialists (CS) to have a point of contact in CR&F.  This will improve CR&F engagement with GTM (Go to Market) by establishing a knowledge network as there is no real visibility of what each other does.



·         Create a directory of the CR&F analysts to provide visibility of who is who and what they do

·         Create a directory of AMs, SSs & CSs that are Commodities focused

o   This info is proving a little challenging to acquire!

·         Define the buddy system


·         Determine best way to present data and where to store it (assumed the Hub) 

·         Create process to maintain data and keep up to date 

·         Define the CR&F buddy role – what are the expectations of this role, targets i.e. # of check ins 

·         Can we use the book of business to identify the top accounts and then the relevant sates people 

·         As there has been a large org change and the sales regions (ASIA, EMEA, AMERS) and they are set up differently this may need one on one conversations