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Online and Affiliate Marketing

Getting Started in Online and Affiliate Marketing

The internet market is truly MASSIVE. It seems to be overwhelming and daunting. Well to an extent it is.

BUT . . . . it can easily be broken down into components. These can be used step-by-step to simplify the whole process.

There are two basic ways of selling online (and making a profit - a very large profit!) . . . .

  1. Sell your own products
  2. Sell someone else's products (affiliate marketing)

We'll go into the details of this shortly. There's a number of must-haves to have an online marketing business. Each will described in detail.

Basic Requirements for Online Marketing

  1. A domain name relevant to what you are selling.
  2. Web hosting.
  3. A website editor (available in your hosting package)
  4. An email address with the same domain name as your website (very important - no yahoo, hotmail or gmail). This will also be included with your hosting package.
  5. An auto-responder. This allows you to capture email addresses and send out a welcome email and follow-on emails.
  6. A PayPal account.
  7. Advertising and traffic to your website to build a list of interested prospects.

You'll realise at this point that there is going to be a cost to all this. Same with any business.

Put it this way, this is by far the cheapest way of owning your own business:

  1. No premises
  2. No stock
  3. No staff
  4. No overheads

You need:

  1. A computer (I use two with additional screens but not necessary to start out).
  2. An internet connection.

In any business you will be interacting with your customers. If you owned a shop this would be face-to-face or by telephone.

With an online business, you don't have that kind of interaction. Any communication will be by email. This is generally one-way, that is, your sales emails to your target audience with little in the way of replies or email "chats".

So you will need to have fundamental skills in the language you choose to conduct your business.

Business is all about people who want to spend their money with you for your information (or any other) product you are selling.

Your product needs to be honest and have value to your customer. You need to engage your customer so that they really must have your product.

This is where your follow-on emails (and broadcast) emails are used to build your list of prospects - and then become customers.

Now that sounds hard. What do you say to your prospects? How do you enage them and get to buy your products?

I'll show to how to write compelling emails that your prospects (and customers) look forward to receiving. How to keep them engaged and remaining on your list.

The 15 Steps To Your Online Marketing Business

So . . . . let's have a look what I've done so far.

1. Written my own ebooks from my knowledge and experiences
2. Bought ebooks and PLR articles (public label rights) from eBay
3. Combined a PLR article and an ebook and added further information from online sources to create my own unique ebook
4. Created a cover for the ebook
5. Written the sales literature
6. Created a simple website
7. Bought a domain and webspace
8. Created a paypal account and inserted payment links on website
9. Converted ebook into pdf format
10. Uploaded the webpage and added pdf ebook in separate file
11. Created an Auto Responder account with Aweber
12. Set up an email campaign for my ebook
13. Set up a link to my squeeze page
15. Posted on forums and social media that are relevant to my ebooks

What Can I Write About?

What interests you? What do you know about? There's millions of subjects, topics, hobbies, how-tos, interests, sports and so on, that people will pay to read.

Here's a few of the niches that I have created ebooks for:

Party ideas for kids
Weight loss
Horse riding
Personal Development
Network Marketing
Personal Development
Legal Services
Identity Theft Protection
Scrapbooks / Crafts
Recipes / Baking / Cooking
"How To" (Home repairs/improvements for Women)
Indigenous people (research and information)
Building & DIY
Home Improvement
Nursing Schools
Criminal Record Checks
Magic tricks
Protein Bars / Shakes
Skateboards / Parks and Parts
Bird watching
Raleigh Chopper Bike
Disney Toys
Classic Japanese Motorcycles
Model Boats
Model Aircraft
Green Energy

The list is almost inexhaustable.


Affiliate Online Marketing

You may not want to write your own ebook. However, there's way of selling other's ebooks, products, services and so on.

This is Affiliate Marketing.

Many, many organisations offer affiliate programs for all sorts of products:

Hotel Bookings
Holiday Cottages
Holiday Parks
Cashback, Discounts and Vouchers
Books and Magazines
Home and Garden
Loans and Personal finance
Car Hire
Car and Van Insurance
Motorcycle Insurance
Fitness and Wellbeing
Crafts and Hobbies
Skincare and Cosmetics
Dating and Relationships
Second Hand Goods
Jobs and Employment
Attractions and Events
Airline Tickets
Train Tickets

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